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Protected Species Surveys

Certain species and species groups are afforded legal protection under various national and international conservation laws. These legally protected species often need to be checked for in advance of site works that may harm or disturb them. Badgers, Bats, Breeding Birds, Dormice, Great Crested Newts, Reptiles, Crayfish, Water Vole and Otter are just some of the protected species for which we undertake specialist surveys.

We have completed surveys and provided survey reports for hundreds of projects ranging from loft and barn conversions and small housing developments to surveys along extensive pipelines and road networks and large privately owned estates.

We always tailor our approach to YOUR needs however large or small the project is.

Our surveys and assessments are focused on providing all parties with reliable data to support planning decisions, mitigation strategies and, when needed, licence applications.


Mitigation for Protected Species

Protected species surveys are often followed by impact assessment and the design and implementation of mitigation to avoid or minimise impacts.  We are experienced at developing appropriate and proportional mitigation strategies that enable projects to continue in an environmentally-responsible way.

Being very experienced in all aspects of ecological mitigation, we work with our clients to identify acceptable mitigation solutions that are satisfactory to all parties, including the developer and statutory consultees, so that projects move forward with successful outcomes for all.

All of our practices are in line with current legislation and best practice guidelines.



For European Protected Species, mitigation often needs to be formalised within the context of a Development Licence, giving the applicant permission to disturb or otherwise affect a protected species, activity that would be illegal without such a Licence. Where an offence might be committed under wildlife legislation, we use our skill and experience to develop protected species licence applications, to secure permission for developments to proceed in accordance with the Law.  At Just Ecology we are very proud of our 100% record in obtaining licences for protected species for our clients.


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