Management Plans, including Biodiversity Action Plans

Strategic or practical action or management plans are often needed to protect, enhance and manage ecological resources within a given area.  Examples of plans we produce include Biodiversity Action Plans, Conservation Management Plans, Species Action Plans, Site Management Plans and Water Level Management Plans, prepared for a diversity of clients and for various reasons. We can help by recommending the type of plan needed.  We can then help with determining and researching plan content, consultations, dissemination, plan delivery, monitoring and review.

Conservation Management Plans

Conservation or Biodiversity Management Plans plans come in a wide variety of formats, depending on exact needs and requirements, but each should serve as a useful tool to enable appropriate management of a species, habitat or other feature at a site (or wider) scale. Typically a plan will set objectives and actions for the conservation and management of the feature(s) identified during a preliminary audit stage, and outline measurable targets and a monitoring programme if required.

We also provide land management advice relevant to the protection and enhancement of biodiversity.  Just Ecology can help with any survey and research necessary to produce a plan, and with the drafting and communication of the plan to all interested parties. 


Biodiversity Action Plans

A Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) is a document which sets objectives and actions for the conservation of biodiversity (wildlife habitats and species), with measurable targets.  They are adopted at national and local levels, and many organisations also have corporate plans.

Just Ecology can scope, draft and negotiate BAPs, as well as assisting with monitoring, reporting and review.


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